About St. Jacobs Midwives

Serving families since the early 1980s, St. Jacobs Midwives is one of the longest-established practices in Ontario.

Our midwives practise in Kitchener, Waterloo, and Woolwich Township as well as parts of Wellesley and Wilmot Townships.

All of our midwives have privileges at Grand River Hospital in Kitchener.

Clients of St. Jacobs Midwives are assigned to a team of two or three midwives who care for you from the beginning of your pregnancy until six weeks after birth. St. Jacobs Midwives are trained and equipped to deliver babies at home, clinic birth suite, or at Grand River Hospital.

We welcome all types of families and strive to be inclusive and sensitive to individuals’ needs and preferences. We have a special interest in caring for newcomers or those facing barriers or challenges to accessing care.

There is high demand for midwifery care in our community and we receive many more requests than we can accommodate. As soon as you have a positive home pregnancy test, please contact us. If you are later in your pregnancy, please complete a client intake form or call our office. We keep a waiting list and, at times, may have space available for those who call later in their pregnancies.

We are all on a learning journey; please let us know how we can better serve our community. We provide client evaluation forms at the end of your care and review all returned forms in an effort to continually respond to and learn from our clients’ experiences.